Everlasting Bouquet Refresh


Everlasting Bouquet Refresh – Nhurrawali Puni


Has time passed by and your Everlasting Bouquet – Nhurrawali Puni is starting to need a bit of a refresh?!

No worries! We’ll happily take away your previously purchased arrangement from us and give it a new life, utilising existing pieces that still have a great life ahead of them and swapping out those that have passed their expiration for new pieces, therefore recycling and rejuvenating your arrangement to look “new” while also helping to reduce waste in the environment.

Prices start from $30.00+GST per arrangement and are dependent upon the amount of pieces needing replacing, as well as the size of the arrangement. Contact us to get the exact pricing and why not speak to us about changing up the colour while you’re at it?!


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