Wilka Thalta is a mobile commercial kitchen operation built up of Food Trucks & on-site Canteens servicing the Construction Industry & Public Events sectors predominantly. Being full commercial kitchens that can operate off-grid allows us to operate virtually anywhere for private use, as well as attend public events, shows, festivals & markets.

We pride ourselves on our customers experiences being exceptional as a whole, focusing on the quality, service & cleanliness of our facilities, products & staff. Our great versatility in food offerings means we’ll always have something for everyone as opposed to many on the market who focus on one particular style of food service or cuisine.

Our fully trained, professional Hospitality staff are all accredited with the required training to fulfil their roles beyond customers expectations, delivering a truly remarkable experience each & every time.

Wilka Thalta means “Hungry Kangaroo” in Paakantyi. The Thalta or Red Kangaroo is our family totem.

Food Truck

Our very own mobile venue, the Wilka Thalta Food Truck, allows us to bring the venue to you, literally WHEREVER you like! Our full Commercial Kitchen Food Truck enables us to host events of any size and description anywhere you should choose as we are able to operate on the grid or completely off-grid!

Wilka Thalta is able to serve up a number of menus to your guests whether it be operating as a traditional street-food truck, canape service or a five course sit-down dinner – we are limitless in what we can achieve. The full range of Plate Events & Catering menus are open to being selected by clients.

The impactful artwork on Wilka Thalta also serves as a great backdrop for guests to engage over. Created by Chef Matt’s grandmother, Auntie Norma, it tells a story of the families travels from their homelands on the Baaka River to where they now reside on Darug land: starting with Auntie Norma’s mother, Auntie Gladys, who was sent to Sydney with her two sisters to work as a domestic maid as a young girl, to Auntie Norma and her husband Ron, followed by Auntie Jo and her husband Pete and their two sons Jeremy & Matthew to Chef Matt now in leading the Plate Events company.

So why not contact us today to have us out your way!

Site Kitchen

The Wilka Thalta Site Kitchen is a transportable semi-permanent commercial kitchen that can be relocated on construction sites for long term projects as a day to day canteen facility for staff & contractors serving up breakfast, smoko, lunch & even dinner for up to 1,000 people a day with our set menu.

The Wilka Thalta Site Kitchen is available for leasing terms or contracts of 2 years and up. Our menu’s are versatile and we work with the staff on site to ensure we’re serving up delicious and nutritious meals and foods they are going to enjoy.

Cool Stores

The Wilka Thalta Cool Stores are fully mobile commercial cool rooms that allow us to store higher volumes of food in addition to any of our mobile food operations. Our mobile cool stores are also available for hire on their own for events of any kind.

Food Caravan

COMING SOON! Currently Under Construction

Site Canteen

COMING SOON! Currently Under Construction