Barkuterie Box Deluxe (Dog)


Barkuterie Box Deluxe – DOG FOOD ONLY



Barkuterie Box Deluxe – DOG FOOD ONLY
Treat your furry four legged friend to our Barkuterie Box Deluxe featuring an array of doogo favourites, they’re sure to be drooling over the deliciousness. A gourmet selection featuring beef & roo roll(x1), pig’s ear(x1), kangaroo tail(x3pc), venison jerky(x3), beef trachea(x1), chicken wing(x1), pork trotter discs(x5), chicken necks(x10), fresh breath biscuits(150g), yoghurt buttons(130g), liver drops(120g), pumpkin mash(250g), fresh carrot(x1), dog biscuits(250g) & Kurrajong Kitchen lavosh(30g).

Order yours today to celebrate the canine way. You’d be barking mad not to!

*Includes a foil freshness resealable bag to store treats in to maximise shelf-life upon delivery.


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